How to Kickstart Your Metabolism in The Morning This 2023

kickstart your metabolism

Waking up in the morning and not having the energy to proceed with your daily task can be a sign that your metabolism hasn’t been ignited. You need to ensure that your metabolism is up and running and ready to help you achieve your daily health and wellness plans.

In this article, we’ll cover everything about kickstarting your body’s metabolism in the morning.

Metabolism – What is and why is important?

Metabolism is a pretty common word in health conversations, especially as related to weight loss and fitness. By definition, metabolism is a chemical reaction that sees the body turn food ingested into fuel which would be used to power the body later.

You see, metabolism is very important for our day to day activities and it tends to slow down with age, although, there are metabolism boosting foods, drinks, supplements and others which can help keep the body’s metabolic rate optimal.

Body weight and metabolism

One of the reasons why overweight people tend to look for metabolism boosting supplements to aid their weight loss journey is because the body’s metabolic rate is highly dependent on ‘fat mass’.

Although, fat isn’t the only dependent factor, others like age, genetics, gender, hormones, and muscle mass also play pivotal roles.

According to PLOS Genetics, a medical research journal, people may have varying body weight and metabolism due to DNA variations.

That said, making a few lifestyle changes can in no small measure improve your metabolism not minding your genetic stance or weight size.

How to Boost Metabolism in the Morning

Kickstarting your metabolism in the morning requires making considerations that your body will appreciate. You see, health professionals recommend jolting your body’s metabolism early in the morning, so that your body rewards you by giving you fullness all through the day and reducing your chances of having energy crashes.

For instance, a healthy balanced diet with fiber-rich foods and high protein alongside small exercises in the morning can significantly shape how your day goes. Your body will be in the mood to take on any healthy challenge it’s subjected to.

That said, here are ways to kickstart your metabolism in the morning to support your fitness and health plans.

Take Low or No Sugar Content

Early morning coffee is great for weight loss and fitness, as it contains caffeine which is a stimulant and can keep you active, refreshed and focused on the day’s challenges.

But, adding sugar to your morning coffee tends to slow down the body’s metabolism as well as add more calories in your body. This 2011 study shows that overweight/obese people who consumed fructose-sweetened beverages had reduced energy.

PS: Regular/table sugar contains 50% fructose.

If you’re not a fan of regular coffee, there are lots of healthy tea options you can consider that help with metabolism as well as weight management.

Things like green tea which contains antioxidants are some of the most recommended alternatives as they can burn up to 100 calories a day thanks to their fat molecules to fatty acids conversion.

One such supplements which has become increasingly popular for metabolism boosting and weight loss is this green coffee plus by VitaPost.

You can also use hot lemon water early in the morning to kickstart your body’s metabolism if you choose to stay away from supplements with coffee extracts.

More so, you can also choose to drink only water first thing in the morning, it works great for increasing the body’s metabolic rate as seen in this study published in the Journal Of Endocrinology And Metabolism.

Exercising Early is Ideal

Health experts opine that starting your day with an exercise routine is a good way to get your motivation up. Also, making sure to engage in varying workout types will help improve your body’s metabolism while also helping you destress and maintain focus.

A good workout session should include several fitness exercises like interval training, weight lifting and cardio. With interval training, your body’s metabolism will be up even after your workout session, at least for several hours.

Weight lifting is not all about being buff or bulky, you can simply engage in it to build an increased metabolic rate of your muscles, improve your mental health, increase your confidence, stimulate your brain and also to de-stress.

More so, by working out, you give your body the chance to burn calories faster than with any diet or fasting type.

Breakfasts are important

Whether you’re trying to fast or not, if you want to set yourself up to achieve great feats in your day, you need to start your morning with a nutritious meal with high-protein content.

This will in no small way improve your body’s metabolism as protein-rich foods usually have high thermic effect which means more energy is produced to aid digestion.

Protein foods like eggs, fish, nuts, legumes, meat are important in your morning meal as they can help in burning calories giving you the energy to push through the day.

Laughter Rocks

For some people, getting their belly laugh on is a great way to burn some calories and ignite metabolism.

Studies from recognized institutions like the International Journal of Obesity confirms this theory, with a study showing an increase in heart rate as well as 10 to 20 percent increase in burning calories by just laughing genuinely.

You can choose from a plethora of funny videos on streaming platforms like Netflix or just stroll through comedies on YouTube and you should have something that will get you laughing out loud in excitement.

Move your body

You want to move your body around once you’re up in the morning. This will not only help make blood flow more efficient, but will also help in your calorie burning.

If you move your body around when you wake each morning, it could potentially brighten your mood and help you attain the right frame of mind to make healthier choices and perform excellently in your daily tasks.

Use a Supplement

Experts have suggested taking a supplement like Apple cider vinegar early in the morning for even more health benefits. With a powerful morning supplement routine, you can increase the rate at which your body burns calories and also significantly boost your body’s metabolism.

Apple cider vinegar is one of the top supplements you can inculcate in your morning routine as it packs a lot of incredible health benefits including for increasing metabolism, losing weight, improving heart health and even hair health.

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