Do You Need Supplements to Build Muscle in 2023?

Have you ever wondered if supplements are even important in muscle development or you can just follow your diet plan to achieve your body goals? Well, today, we’ll be answering this common but important question – “do you need supplements to build muscle?”

Muscle Gain Doesn’t Come Easy!

You’ve admired your favorite wrestler’s physique or even a random gym buddy and you thinking, how did they achieve such banging body?! Truth is, gaining muscle is challenging because so many other elements outside of strength training are at play. Your nutrition, sleep, and genetics all contribute.

If you’re physically active and routinely work out, you might be intrigued about supplements that help you gain muscle, especially if that’s one of your training objectives.

Do I need to be taking supplements to make progress in the gym? This is one of the most frequent queries that naturally occurring lifters have. So read on to find out. 

Depending on your objectives, supplements supported by a well-balanced diet and exercise routine will be beneficial in helping you gain muscle. However, if your diet and training routine are already flawless and you are getting the most efficient results possible, adding a few crucial supplements can give you a competitive advantage.

This article will cover the importance of supplements for muscle gain and bodybuilding.

Additionally, we’ll discuss these supplements’ benefits and potential health risks.

Do I Need Supplements to Gain Muscles?

As the name implies, supplements should only be used to “supplement” meals. Thus, not everyone has to take muscle-building pills to gain muscle. So, for the most part, you do not need supplements to gain power. But taking supplements can be an excellent way to achieve your goals faster if you’re searching for a quick cut or want to enhance your current regimen.

Understanding how you build muscle and the nutrients required for it to happen is very important. This will enable you to decide whether popping a pill or blending powder into your smoothie is right. 

In addition, to support their training and goals, bodybuilders, athletes, and highly active people may need more protein throughout the day. This is where muscle-building supplements come into play.

A supplement has always been made to be that and always will be. By adding it to your current nutrition lifestyle, you are enhancing your health. Keep it from taking the place of consuming high-quality whole foods.

While studies are showing that specific nutrients are advantageous at particular times after training, in general, my experience has shown me that there is no need for any kind of supplement at all as long as you get the proper balance of nutrients from whole foods, plenty of calories, and hydration.

In the end, sending a muscle-building signal through a suitable training routine focusing on progression mixed with appropriate nutrition can help you acquire muscle quickly. Your body will not expand if you are not in a surplus.

 No number of supplements can help you build muscle as much as an excess of calories would. Because power consumes a lot of calories, the body requires a compelling reason to add to the existing amount.

Do you need supplements to gain muscle

Do Muscle-Building Supplements Work?

Muscle-building supplements will start to work when your nutrition and programming are correct, and you are maximizing your results. However, supplementing with a few essential products can help you advance more quickly than without them. 

Gaining strength naturally is gradual; in this post, we are just talking about natural supplements. Depending on how your body reacts to them, these supplements help you achieve an additional ten to fifteen percent in performance.

Muscle-building pills will start to function after optimal nutrition and programming, and you will maximize your outcomes. However, adding a few essential supplements can speed up your progress compared to doing without them. As we are just discussing natural supplements in this piece; building strength naturally is gradual. These supplements may help you get an additional ten to fifteen percent in terms of results, depending on how your body responds to them.

Which Supplements Maximize Muscle Growth?

Developing muscle is a difficult mission that can appear to take forever. To improve the outcomes of their strength training, many people who are seeking to gain muscle turn to supplements. So, which supplements will aid in accelerating muscle growth? Here they are:

Creatine Monohydrate 

The most popular and extensively studied type of creatine is creatine monohydrate. It is thought to be the most effective type of creatine to boost muscle strength and size.

Our muscles store most of the non-essential amino acid creatine, with a tiny quantity also stored in the brain. It naturally occurs in foods like fish and red meat. Muscle reserves are roughly 60–80% saturated in a typical diet that provides 1-2 mg of creatine daily. Since natural sources are primarily found in animal foods, vegans and vegetarians may likely have insufficient reserves.

One of the supplements that have been extensively researched is creatine, specifically for its capacity to boost muscle mass! Studies have shown that adding creatine to the diet can enhance muscle mass in as little as four weeks.

A creatine loading strategy is highly recommended for the quickest gains. Most people can thoroughly saturate their reserves by taking 5 grams of creatine daily (or around 0.3g/kg) four times per day for five days to a week. After loading, storage can be kept up with a daily intake of approximately 5 grams for more extensive and active individuals. 10 g per day may be needed.

Regarding timing, creatine is most beneficial when taken after exercise because it can aid with the faster return of water and carbohydrates to the muscles.

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Protein Supplement 

All of the cells in our body are made up of proteins. For example, protein is a crucial component of muscle growth because it is primarily used to create and repair muscle cells. Although meat, beans, and eggs naturally contain protein, a protein supplement can help you reach your fitness objectives.

To establish the effects of protein supplementation on muscle mass and strength, a 2018 review examined the findings of 49 trials. The study discovered that adding extra protein to a resistance training regimen dramatically increased muscle size and strength.

It is imperative to eat protein for up to two hours after working out if you want to gain muscle mass. Jose Antonio, an exercise science professor, advises using it as a post-workout supplement or a meal replacement if you don’t have time for a regular meal.

Regarding health dangers, certain protein powders are high in added sugar and calories; therefore, you should read the supplement’s label to avoid consuming excess calories or causing a blood sugar surge. The most typical varieties include

  • Whey Protein: One of the most popular types of protein powder is whey protein, a quick-digesting protein derived from milk. It is popular among athletes and bodybuilders since it contains many critical amino acids.
  • Casein Protein: A protein from milk called casein is a slow-digesting protein. Because it offers a prolonged release of amino acids as you sleep, it is frequently ingested before bed.
  • Plant Proteins: Proteins originating from plants, such as peas, brown rice, soy, and hemp, are called plant-based proteins. These choices are well-liked by vegetarians, vegans, and people lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy.

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Glutamine is one of the most prevalent amino acids in the body. The decrease in muscle waste is one of glutamine’s key advantages. Both powder and capsule versions of glutamine supplements are sold on the market.

Branched-chain Amino Acids

Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) are necessary amino acids that are critical for muscle development and recovery. Leucine, isoleucine, and valine, collectively known as BCAAs, account for around one-third of the protein in muscles and are regarded as the most crucial amino acids by bodybuilders, athletes, and gym attendees alike.

Only three of the 20 amino acids that make up valine protein-leucine, and isoleucine-are referred to as BCAAs. These amino acids have been demonstrated to promote protein synthesis and regulate metabolism. BCAA supplements come in a variety of forms, including:

  • BCAA capsules: The capsules are practical for people who dislike the flavor of BCAA powders or prefer to take tablet supplements.
  • BCAA beverages: BCAA drinks are already manufactured and offered in various tastes.
  • BCAA powders: These can be added to drinks or shakes and are frequently flavored.

Glucosamine Sulfate

Glucosamine sulfate is a  dietary supplement that helps cartilage grow, and joints function properly. Maintaining healthy joints is crucial for bodybuilders, especially in the long run, because all the lifting wears down the joints over time and can result in numerous ailments.

Fish Oil

Your health can benefit from omega-3 fatty acids in various ways, including increased neuromuscular performance, improved blood lipid regulation, improved immunological function, and improved brain health. In addition, omega-3 fatty acids assist the heart’s proper operation, essential to a bodybuilder’s health and well-being.

Omega-3s come in various forms, but eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are vital for our needs. According to studies, increasing the body’s levels of DHA and EPA is associated with higher rates of muscle protein synthesis. In addition, it is related to a decrease in the factors that control muscle protein breakdown. So the research that is now available is pretty conclusive: omega-3 supplements may help with muscle rehabilitation.


A typically occurring non-essential amino acid, beta-alanine, enters the body through protein-rich diets. Because beta-alanine (BA) can raise muscle carnosine levels to improve performance, beta-alanine supplementation can increase carnosine levels by more than 60% in as little as four weeks.

This is crucial because when we engage in vigorous exercise, our bodies build up a lot of hydrogen ions, lowering the blood’s pH. This acidification can hasten the onset of muscular failure, increase muscle performance, and create extreme exhaustion. What people typically mistake for lactic acid results from hydrogen.

Are there OTC Dietary Supplements That Work Like Steroids But Safe?

Yes, there are certain OTC dietary supplements which you can order online that can be beneficial to your bodybuilding goal, but unlike anabolic steroids which are banned because of their unsafe nature, they are legal. 

These OTC dietary supplements are mostly referred to as legal steroid alternatives because they come packing similar benefits of steroids but without any health risk. Most of these legal OTC supplements come in oral pills and are designed to hype up your strength, endurance and energy levels to take on serious workout sessions. 

Some of these OTC dietary supplements you can consider are: 

1. Crazy Bulk D-BAL: DBal is a potent Dianabol alternative that is believed to give you all the benefits of this anabolic steroid without its side effects. Dianabol is regarded as the ‘holy grail’ of anabolic steroids, so you can expect to be pumped full of legal steroid goodness with this healthy supplement. 

CrazyBulk DBal uses a new potent formula that is not only safe but about 7x stronger than what is obtainable from many other supplements for bodybuilding. 

Currently one of the most sought-after supplements for muscle building and general bodybuilding, Crazy Bulk’s DBal uses natural ingredients to give you strength, stamina and fast muscle building capabilities. Without the need for needles or a doctor’s prescription, you can order this supplement from the official website online and take the recommended tablets for max gains and retention after gaining muscles. 

2. Brutal Force ABULK: If you are looking for a legal steroid that optimizes your strength and helps you achieve a finesse look in record time as an anabolic steroid would, but without the side effects of those unlawful and unhealthy substances, then Brutal Force supplements should be considered. 

The ABulk makes building muscle easy as it drives you to do more pumps and lift weights to attain maximum results.You get faster recovery time to get back in the grind and stay fatigue-free. 

It contains some really potent ingredients which would come in handy for muscle growth and development while also keeping your stamina up, so you can achieve in both exercise in the gym and in the bedroom. 

Some of the ingredients are Bulbine Natalensis, longjack, Muira Puama, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCl. 

3. Test RX: Is a powerful testosterone booster that promotes heavy muscle development. This powerful supplement combines active ingredients like ZMA (Zinc Monomethionine aspartate, Magnesium Aspartate, and Vitamin B6). It’s designed to give you more energy to smash through barriers and get your muscle development moving faster. 

Also, older men suffering from bedroom dilemmas would appreciate the benefits it brings to male virility (via improving testosterone and getting you an improved sexlife).


Are bodybuilding supplements safe?

Most of them are secure, especially those on the above list. But, taking supplements frequently can harm their bodies rather than help them. For example, supplement overload can result in cramps, high blood pressure, irregular pulse, nausea, and severe kidney or digestive system issues.

The problem of hazardous hidden substances in bodybuilding products is getting worse. Unaware consumers may consume products that contain elements from prescription drugs, illegal drugs, and other compounds.

Anabolic steroids, altered forms of male hormones intended to boost muscle mass, are frequently found in bodybuilding supplements.

The risk of liver damage from taking dietary supplements for bodybuilding has grown recently. The most frequent source of liver damage associated with using nutritional supplements and herbal remedies is bodybuilding products. In addition, products containing DMAA or BMPEA can have adverse health effects.

Drugs and other supplements may interact with some dietary supplements. High doses of several vitamins and minerals can be dangerous. Before taking a nutritional supplement for endurance or bodybuilding, consult your doctor.

How to Choose the Best Protein Supplement to Build Muscle

When choosing supplements, various factors influence whether or not that product can offer whatever nourishment or goal you’re looking out for. The elements to look out for when choosing protein suppliers are below. 

Nutritional Value

When choosing supplements, various factors influence whether or not that product can offer whatever nourishment or goal you want. The elements to look out for when selecting protein suppliers are listed below. 

The content 

Verification that the components listed on the label correspond to the actual contents can be obtained from a third-party testing agency. They also screen undisclosed ingredients and the almost 300 chemicals most leading athletic organizations have prohibited.

Additionally, consider your allergies and food intolerances when buying supplements. Finally, look at the ingredients list, which includes items besides protein.


Ensuring a brand has either NSF or Informed-Choice certification is crucial for guaranteeing supplement safety. As well as testing for pollutants, quality, purity, and security, these food and drug organizations examine them for safety and quality. For example, they might contain substances like metals, BPA, and other poisons that scientists have discovered in protein powders.


Don’t just purchase a supplement; research and look at the ingredients. Then, read the testimonials of users who liked the accessories and found them helpful.


In summary, supplements are a great addition to nutrition, sleep, and training if you want an edge in gaining extra muscles. 

Their supplementation may cause harm or prevent you from reaching your realistic goals. However, it is only sometimes necessary. 

Before purchasing supplements, seek expert help and opinions to start your journey. 


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